A slap in the face for spahn: bundestag rejects “no objection” to organ donation

A slap in the face for spahn: Bundestag rejects 'no objection' to organ donation

Organ donation still only permitted in germany with express consent. The bundestag on thursday rejected a proposal by a group of deputies led by health minister jens spahn (CDU) to reverse this principle. She had a "double dissent" proposed that in the future, everyone would be considered a donor – but one disagrees. However, the bill did not find a majority. In roll call vote, 379 deputies voted against, 292 parliamentarians supported, 3 abstained.

This meant that parliament was now to vote on a second draft introduced by a group led by grunen leader annalena baerbock and left-wing leader katja kipping. It proposes that all citizens be asked about organ donation at least every ten years when they pick up their ID card. It will also point out the possibility of entering a decision to do so in a new central online register. Family doctors should also provide information on organ donation every two years if required.

9000 people waiting for donor organ

With around 9,000 patients on the waiting lists, the common goal of the two initiatives is to encourage more organ donations. The number of donors fell again slightly last year to 932, after 955 people had left organs for other patients after their death in 2018. However, there were still more donors than the previous low of 797 in 2017. Last year, 2995 organs – mainly kidneys, livers and lungs – were transferred to the eurotransplant mediation agency.

Independent of the debate about new regulations, a law has been in force since last year that is intended to improve the conditions for organ donation in hospitals. It provides for more money as well as more competencies and freedom for transplantation officers at hospitals. Mobile medical teams to help smaller hospitals without their own experts determine brain death as a prerequisite for organ removal.

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