Accident on a9 near bayreuth: 19-year-old auber’s life in danger

accident on a9 near bayreuth: 19-year-old auber's life in danger

A 19-year-old woman was seriously injured in an accident in bayreuth on tuesday evening. The young woman skidded her car while entering the highway towards berlin for reasons that are still unclear and crashed with the passenger side against a truck. This was announced by the police on request.

She was trapped and had to be extricated from the wreckage by the fire department. The 19-year-old was taken to hospital with initially life-threatening head injuries. The 19-year-old kindergartner is no longer in danger of death, according to the police. Although she still had to be ventilated, severe brain damage could be ruled out.

The cause of the accident is still a matter of conjecture. According to initial reports, a lane of oil in the traffic circle between bayreuth and bindlach was to blame. A police spokesman confirmed the environmental mission of the bayreuth fire department, but doubted a connection. "If the young woman's car still had oil on the tires, she would have had an accident in the traffic circle or at the latest in the feeder to the highway, according to the traffic police spokesman. Presumably, the speed at which the vehicle entered the site was inappropriate on the rain-soaked roadway and then led to the accident.

The autobahn was closed near bayreuth nord for over an hour. In addition to the clean-up work, an expert also had to be called in. The THW bayreuth and the fire department were used for the diversion and securing of the traffic jam.

Several accidents occurred on the A9 between plech and hof on tuesday. Several crashes on the rain-soaked road near pegnitz alone. A police spokesman called the situation tuckish because the driver was simply overwhelmed. When the sun was still shining in bayreuth, the conditions on the highway between trockau and pegnitz were rather chaotic and dangerous: "it's like driving into a wall of bad weather", the spokesman said. Inappropriate speed is then the fast way into a crash.

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