After ten years and 250.000 euros, the zaubach bridge has been renewed

There are seven sites in the "an der zaubach" area, for which the bridge is the only connection to the stadtsteinach road network. Due to the poor structural condition, the load limit of the structure had to be reduced to three tons years ago.

The result: residents not only had to haul their garbage cans up to the federal highway, they also had to obtain special permits when, for example, oil or building materials were being delivered to the site. The 55-year-old entrepreneur can still remember that for the new roofing of his house, the tiles even had to be lifted over the zaubach with a crane.

Destructive flood
The floods of 2011 then finished off the bridge: the structure was literally lifted out of its hinges and renewal could no longer be postponed. In the meantime, the farmer and his neighbors had even supported the dilapidated construction with wooden planks. Not for nothing, as the demolition by gunther-bau showed: the iron girders under the roadway were rusted through in numerous places and were partly as thin as paper.

In july, the bridge renewal began according to the plans of graduate engineer thomas spindler. The structure, which has been widened to allow trucks to access the adjacent properties, measures almost six meters in width and 5.5 meters wide.

In the course of the construction work, the renewal of the water pipe from the federal road to the properties was also completed.

Provisional rerouting
The fact that the residents were able to reach their houses with vehicles despite the construction work is thanks to the obligingness of the schramm family: after the the construction company had built a temporary crossing of concrete pipes and gravel a few meters downstream, so that the residents could drive out over the road onto the federal highway.

All in all, more than 250 euros were spent on the work.000 euros invested, as mayor roland wolfrum (SPD) explains. The all-inclusive package, as wolfrum calls it, will be with about 125.000 euros subsidized by the state, about 200 alone.000 euros of the total costs are for the bridge construction.

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