Almost 6000 euros from the Habbergen for the Philippines

"Franc for philippines – it was a spontaneous idea for a benefit concert, and the balance turned out neatly. The city of eltmann and committed groups from the district provide aid in the philippines, which were devastated by the typhoon: almost 6000 euros were collected.

For relatives and compatriots
With a benefit event, young philippinos from the habberg district wanted to support relatives and compatriots in the pacific who lost their belongings and some of their families as a result of typhoon haiyan. Young artists from the region – including one from munich – performed for free.

A film about the "supertaifun he began by stirring up the feelings of the audience in the old gymnasium on the main peninsula. It was the strongest storm so far, there were 5260 fatalities. The wind roared over the region at 380 kilometers per hour. But like the palm trees and nature, the people there are ultimately indestructible. The message of the film is: "in the end, wind and water are not the end of the story."

Several philippinos in habberge county come from the less affected north of the country. That evening guest in eltmann was liza from kerbfeld. She is from the south, as she told our newspaper, where the typhoon hit. Liza has been living here for 15 years, it took a lot of strength and courage for her to talk about herself and her family. They were seven siblings. A brother and three sisters still live in the philippines:

weeks of uncertainty
"our house was right next to the water at the sea in tacloban, where the typhoon caused the most severe damage. I have only had contact with my family for the first time a week and a half ago and have been living here not knowing if my mother and siblings are still alive."

Just a few days ago she had another two or three minutes of contact via cell phone. Still they do not really know what their family on 8. November happened. "We had one of the wooden houses there, and my siblings stayed there until the water was already above the knees. Then, fortunately, they were able to escape and since then they have been living in a small stone row house to which they were evacuated. There is nothing left of our house by the sea. Thank god they are all alive."

So far, contact with the mother is very difficult, almost impossible, because of the lack of electricity, as she reported, and you have to walk alone for ten minutes to charge your cell phone for a short time.
The helpfulness of the visitors and guests was evident. Mayor michael ziegler (CSU) said that he was at a loss for words after seeing such pictures.

He thought it was great that philippinos planned a benefit event here and showed their connection to their relatives and friends on the island. "In the meantime, filipinos are also a part of eltmann, lived here, invite to many events, and therefore the city also donates 1000 euros for this action. Of course this is only a drop in the ocean. But we thank you for this commitment and do not slacken in your efforts. There is no 'third world' but only a world where we are allowed to live."

Other donors
Klaus Fortsch from the kolping family joined the ranks of the donors and also handed over 1000 euros. The money comes from the old clothes collection campaigns of kolping eltmann in spring and autumn. The "IHADG-group ("I have a dream"), kirchlauter, gave 500 euro. Their leader dominik baum reminded of their role model martin luther-king. The socio-politically interested youth group has already donated over 5000 euros in the last two years, has a godchild in africa and supports an SOS children's village.

Johanna kaiser from eltmann, whose mother teresa philippina is like the co-organizers karin and diana hornung, is actively involved in this group. The money came from sales at the christmas markets in rabelsdorf and kirchlauter.

Members of the school committee of the friedrich-ruckert-gymnasium came from ebern. Your nicholas campaign brought 600 euro. Jan batzner, nele thomann and lukas mittelstaedt presented this donation on behalf of their fellow students.

In general, especially the youth took a big part in this benefit evening and also the actors on the stage put themselves in the service of the good cause. The hip-hop formation "dynamic soxxs" showed their skills the dance school pelzer from schweinfurt presented their latest dance creations. The suddeutsche champions of the past years hope for a success at the german championship in 2014.

From habfurt the "maintales" were on the stage. They have made a name for themselves as german rappers with critical lyrics, for example about alcohol. Dopewalka" was equally enthusiastic from munich – secret tip in the reggae scene.

The two families, diana hornung with her daughter karin from eschenbach and teresa kaiser with her daughter johanna, who also moderated the program, were happy about the support of the sponsors and guests at the benefit concert. Teresa kaiser assured that every euro will reach those affected without administrative fees.

Part of the money is to be given directly to some families through a bank in cebu, and the other part is to be given to a pastor who has already been involved in church services here in eltmann and who was best able to judge the need in his parish there.

Of course, the guests also enjoyed filipino specialties such as delicious spring rolls and noodle dishes as well as filipino beer.

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