Mayor wants to continue “shaping and pushing”

Mayor wants to continue 'shaping and pushing'

A municipal election period is almost over. On 15. March 2020 the citizens of bavaria will be called to the polls again. Occasion also for mayor bernd drummer, municipality of wiesenthau, to take stock for himself. He had been a local councillor since 2008 and was successful in the 2014 election to take over from mayor hans weisel. In one period, he got to know the light and dark sides of the not always easy honorary office. Now he has joined forces with his list of citizens of wiesenthau and declared his willingness to run again for mayor. Burghers had also encouraged him and the support of his list had been promised to him. Formally, the complete list of BG will be drawn up and officially adopted towards the end of november. At 49 years old, the business graduate is in his prime, married, and has one daughter.

"We have initiated many things together in the municipal council and in the administration, and I would like to continue that, says drummer. He mentions rough projects such as the binzig construction area, which was his idea, the rough kindergarten expansion or the school renovation, many things have been done, such as the broadband connection, the digital classroom, the roof renovation of the town hall.


That’s why the earthworms feel so at home in coburg stadium

After less than ten years, the turf playing field of the school sports facility in wiesenstrabe needs to be renovated. In 2009, the former dr.-stocke stadium rebuilt by the city. The missing or hopefully only incorrectly executed drainage of the sports field pleases the earthworms in the damp subsoil. And because the worms constantly eat their way through the soil layers, a correspondingly large amount comes out the back of them. The accumulated excrement of the worms makes it impossible for the players to play tricky ball handling and dribbling, in short: the pitch is unplayable.

After the vote of the building and environment senate on wednesday, the pitch is now to be intensively maintained on the one hand, and on the other, the drainage of the playing field is to be made functional. The drainage of the water into the river itz is also checked. It was found that on the one hand water was backing up in the drainage pipes, and on the other hand the drainage pipes under the playing field were at least not connected, if not completely missing.