German liebaugeln with pension before 65. Birthday

German liebaugeln with pension before 65. Birthday

Only just under 7 percent, on the other hand, can imagine remaining gainfully employed until the future retirement age of 67. This is the result of a survey conducted by the opinion research institute gfk on behalf of "welt am sonntag". Meanwhile, the skilled trades brought up the issue of retirement at 70 because of the growing shortage of skilled workers.

But the people of germany apparently don’t want to know anything about such a late start to retirement: according to the survey, a good 53 percent of germans would like to retire before the age of 60. The central association of the german skilled trades has a different view of the situation. What is also striking, however, is that even if money was not a factor at all, only just under 10 percent of the respondents were still in the market before the 49. Wanting to retire at the age of 20.

"The desire to work is therefore very strong among germans," said gfk employee klaus hilbinger, who was responsible for the survey. The desired retirement age for most people will be between 55 and 64. This varies from region to region: 38 percent of the southern germans surveyed stated that they would like to retire between 60 and 64 years old. The majority of northern germans, on the other hand, see the optimum retirement age as being between 55 and 59 years of age.

The president of the central association of the german skilled trades, otto kentzler, sees things very differently. He spoke out in favor of raising the retirement age to 70 because of the shortage of skilled workers. Many older people are fit, he told "focus" magazine. "Even if you only work half days, your experience can help us."Some companies have already had to turn down orders because they don’t have the skilled workers they need.

Pension at 67 to be introduced gradually by 2030. Last year, the average retirement age for men was 61.2 years, while women retired at 61 on average. These were the highest figures in more than 20 years.

For the representative survey, according to the information provided, around 1000 women and men aged 14 and over were interviewed between the ages of 19 and 18. And 26. July surveyed.

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