Kicks against teenager on the zob

In march 2019, two young men from bamberg kicked a man they didn't know, who was lying on the ground. They denied the charges before the juvenile court, but were nevertheless sentenced to permanent arrest and community service hours. The court believed the prosecution witnesses.

Superficial description

"When you fight for the truth, it can take a long time" – when juvenile court judge martin waschner says this sentence, it is not even half-time in the courtroom. In the process, he and his two friends have already had to listen to one marche story after another for four hours. Prosecutor sturmer will still have to deal with two witnesses conjured out of the hat who want to exonerate both defendants with their superficial account on the grounds of unsworn false testimony.

The trial against three young men from armenia, the ukraine and russia had already begun with a bang. All of them are schoolboys or. Trainees, between 18 and 21 years, two live in a shared accommodation for cursed in bamberg. The armenian who set things in motion with a fist punch, however, can not appear. He was summarily deported to his home country before the trial because of a different verdict. There he currently has to do military service. What remains is a ukrainian who is not really a ukrainian. He and his parents told the authorities that they came from russian-occupied lugansk.

The incident that has now been charged took place in march 2019 at the central bus station (ZOB) in bamberg. The two defendants are after a "successful" pub crawl on the way home. But they still want to salvage some alcohol supplies from the schliebfachern at the ZOB. Shortly after one o'clock in the morning they meet a group of young men and women from the district of bamberg. They also want to go home after a birthday party. The accused, who has been deported in the meantime, begins with the usual words: "why do you look so stupid??" a dispute. A shoving match ensues, during which a 19-year-old schoolboy from the group falls backwards against a bench and remains lying unconscious.


Then the stories of the accused and the witnesses from the group diverge. And so far that the two defenders aybora akgun from nurnberg and manfred hofmann from bamberg will demand acquittals. The pleadings speak of obvious contradictions and deliberate lies. If the defendants are to be believed, they themselves are assaulted, threatened with a broken beer bottle and beaten while lying on the ground. They only resisted. The russian german had broken his middle hand several times during a fist punch in defense. He lost his apprenticeship as a result. But they vehemently deny that they kicked him in the head and upper body.

If the witnesses from the group are to be believed, both defendants kicked the young man lying on the ground. Another was grabbed by the leg and dragged across the square. The reason for this seems to have been that the girls from the group were "stupidly accosted" by the defendants are said to have been. The "clarification begins "in a normal tone, then the situation will degenerate. In the end, both defendants will receive two weeks of permanent arrest for dangerous bodily harm. During the vacations, he can serve his sentence in a special youth detention center in wurzburg. In addition, everyone must perform 40 hours of community service at the lifeline bamberg association.

Only the fact that it ended rather mildly with a lip laceration, a needle and shoulder contusion spares the duo a custodial sentence.

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