Martinikirchweih yes, but only with strict conditions

Martinikirchweih yes, but only with strict conditions

At least a little joy for the members of the main and finance committee, as noted in the last meeting. Although the event is admittedly associated with a number of restrictions.

Gerd lorenz, the head of the public order office, made the commitment that the kerwa would be held from 6. Until 9. November can take place, under the condition that there are no further legal changes until then. But already according to the current regulations, you have to accept certain restrictions, agreed with the health department.

Registration and masks compulsory

So there is only the supply area with food and drinks, also alcoholic ones, at the market place this time. You have to register, the number of people is limited and monitored by security, the masks may only be removed at the tables.

As a matter of principle, masks are compulsory in the church consecration area, which will be provided with nets. There is one-way traffic in the main street and on the market square, which is controlled by security just as much as the entrances. There are also additional costs here due to the increased personnel requirements: 7000 instead of 2500 euros, said lorenz.

He also pointed out that there must be no to-go food from the guesthouses, which also applies to the fried sausages at the food stands. You have to consume the food on the spot. The flier from the marketplace and the rough losbude are omitted this year, but a few exhibitors are already there.

Mayor german hacker said he trusts in the common sense of the people. Then it will work out. But – one thing must be clear: the mentioned status is the status quo, nobody knows what else can come.

Festivities begin daily at 11 a.M. In the market square and at 1 p.M. In the main street. It lasts until 20 o’clock. For operations in the gas stations, their hygiene regulations apply, said lorenz in response to a question from bernhard schwab (CSU). There are no special recommendations.

Also the open sunday will take place, explained the head of the public order office.

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