Mayor wants to continue “shaping and pushing”

Mayor wants to continue 'shaping and pushing'

A municipal election period is almost over. On 15. March 2020 the citizens of bavaria will be called to the polls again. Occasion also for mayor bernd drummer, municipality of wiesenthau, to take stock for himself. He had been a local councillor since 2008 and was successful in the 2014 election to take over from mayor hans weisel. In one period, he got to know the light and dark sides of the not always easy honorary office. Now he has joined forces with his list of citizens of wiesenthau and declared his willingness to run again for mayor. Burghers had also encouraged him and the support of his list had been promised to him. Formally, the complete list of BG will be drawn up and officially adopted towards the end of november. At 49 years old, the business graduate is in his prime, married, and has one daughter.

"We have initiated many things together in the municipal council and in the administration, and I would like to continue that, says drummer. He mentions rough projects such as the binzig construction area, which was his idea, the rough kindergarten expansion or the school renovation, many things have been done, such as the broadband connection, the digital classroom, the roof renovation of the town hall.

"Designing and pushing, like now the opening of the playground, that makes you happy and the children get something out of it", says drummer. He said that the kindergarten facility was a place where he could find peace and quiet. Then there are obligatory events like weddings or birthdays that you like to do. He appreciates the honor of being the patron of the warrior and military association of schlaifhausen as he was when he was young. "We get together in a rough community and do a lot of things together," says his wife susanne, he says. Walking through the village with open eyes, attending events, learning from burgers and colleagues, picking up on suggestions and implementing what works, the candidate mentions a wide range of tasks. In addition, there is personnel responsibility for various community facilities such as the school’s lunchtime supervision, the kindergarten, the building yard and parts of the administration.

Cultural life

He liked the cultural life in the village even more strongly and demanded the internal cohesion. It is important to find ways to integrate old and new citizens more effectively and to offer young families the opportunity to stay. The community’s proximity to the city creates a special location. As a result, he says, there are many offers, but also a negative suction effect. It is a permanent challenge to counteract this with one’s own possibilities.

On the fire department board

Bernd drummer has been on the board of the F wiesenthau for 25 years, its chairman for seven years and an active firefighter with full training. At the same time, he is chairman of the ehrenburg water association, with all the challenges of a secure water supply. "We try to bring people along, communication is important, often there is not enough time with the diversity. It’s always a balancing act, he states. One is always vulnerable.

Support in the family

Honorary mayor and private-sector job is a huge challenge that is often hardly noticed by auben, he says. Bernd drummer has been connected to his home town since childhood. In this sense, he also understands the office of mayor and wants to promote his homeland. "The compromises are rough, I didn’t imagine it would be like this", says his wife susanne "i support him as much as i can and keep his back up. As a family, we share the burden and stand behind it."

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