Middle school offers karate in the afternoon

Middle school offers karate in the afternoon

Karate on the agenda in the afternoon. Sixth-grader jennifer boxes and kicks with all her might against the punching pad held out by her karate teacher georg muller. The petite girl is sweating and breathing heavily, her face red from exertion. Concentrated, it keeps aiming at the target. The experienced children's and youth trainer spurs them on: "firm! Imagine being really pissed off!" jennifer gives it her all and is satisfied with the new school karate. "It's really great because you learn how to defend yourself", she says strained.

"The children need movement and they want to move", says supervisor carina winter. When schools are busy, they are more concentrated and quieter in class. Karate lessons are part of the all-day care program at the bad bocklet middle school. Since the beginning of the current school year, the gesellschaft zur forderung beruflicher und sozialer integration (gfi) from schweinfurt has been organizing the open all-day school. Twelve children are currently being cared for after school hours.

"The all-day school includes a communal lunch, homework supervision and alternative activities", explains principal ursula plohnke. In addition to the karate training, there is, for example, a cooperation with the traffic educators matthias kleren and dietmar domling from bad kissingen. The police officers give the schoolchildren an insight into their day-to-day work.

Currently still a trial course
At the moment martial arts is still offered as a four week trial course. However, the principal is already thinking about extending the program. "Karate training fits in well with our school concept of values education." georg muller teaches students respect, responsibility and self-control. In addition, sports are important for the development of young people. "This trains their working memory and teaches them to use their cognitive flexibility (transferring known knowledge into other contexts, to. D. Red.) to school", says plohnke. Working memory is used for temporary storage and is needed, for example, for reading, calculating and solving problems.

"Respect, discipline, courage and perseverance. The children learn something for life." georg muller sums up what he tries to pass on in his training sessions. The karate instructor runs a martial arts school in schweinfurt, offers self-defense as a rehabilitation and disability sport, and has been involved in projects with schools for two years. "In the old days, kids would go out after school and do things", he says.

Today, on the other hand, many young people stay at school until late in the afternoon. On the one hand, this affects the sporting leisure time of the children, and on the other hand, the clubs are running out of new recruits. "That's why we go to the schools", explains muller. So far, he has had a lot of positive experience with such projects, and karate has been well received. "The children want to have their training."

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