More members and soon a new vehicle

At the annual general meeting of the neuses fire department, chairman michael zwingmann looked back on a club year that was as busy as it was eventful. The club currently has 327 members, including twelve new members. "The new generation is an important and life-sustaining part of the associations, of course also for the fire department", zwingmann was convinced. He is all the more pleased to have a good and strong children’s fire department in neuses.
Once again, the defense force participated in or organized a series of secular and religious festivities. This will remain the case in 2018. Highlights of the past year were the visits to various festivities of friendly fire brigades, the florianstag held in neuses and the once again very successful neusiche kerwa.
According to the commander andreas hofner, the defense department has 41 active. After youth director dominik muller resigned for professional reasons, two new youth directors were found in valentin piontek and lukas hummel. Numerous service and training events were held in 2017. During the regular inspection on 7. July the defense received a very good overall result.
In 2017, a total of 20 operations were carried out, three of which involved fire prevention. The fire involved an extractor hood on the damm, a house fire in au and the fire at the horing butcher’s shop in kronach. Altogether 527 employment hours with 225 employment forces resulted in.
For 20-year loyalty to the fire brigade the commander thanked thomas klein and for 25 years alexander horn, andreas heller and sebastian schmidt.
Since 2002, the need for a water-carrying vehicle for the neuses fire department has been pointed out in the inspection reports of the district fire inspectorate. In 2015, mayor wolfgang beiergroblein promised to purchase and inaugurate such a vehicle during his term of office. "We should sit down this year with the city and the leading commander martin panzer to develop a vehicle concept in order to initiate a procurement for 2019 at the latest, he appealed.
Respiratory protection officer alexander horn reported on two operations involving heavy respiratory protection. Currently they have 15 respirators. Eight separate respiratory protection training sessions were held in 2017. Twelve gear carriers visited the respiratory protection facility in kronach.
Valentin piontek, head of the children’s fire department, was full of praise for the eagerness of his now 25 "losch frosch. They put their knowledge to the test at the children’s firefighting olympics in wickendorf. This year, five children can be passed on to the youth fire department so that they can then go on to active service. Piontek also gave an outlook on the future of the youth fire department, which he will now lead together with his deputy lukas hummel. This currently pays two members. The demand for young firefighters should be pushed further.
Mayor beiergroblein was impressed by the performance record that had been shown. For a long time, the fire brigades have become all-round helpers with an increasingly large area of operation. "You are role models in society", he announced. Firefighting is an obligatory task of the municipalities, which had to give the active firefighters the necessary tools – taking into account the available financial resources.
With regard to the vehicle mentioned, he stands by his statement and is ready for discussion. "I stay very close to it and would like to keep it", he assured.
KBR joachim ranzenberger thanked the fire brigade for organizing florian day. In 2017, there were almost 1400 firefighting missions in the district of kronach. Knowing that you can get fast and qualified help in an emergency is a great quality of life," he said. The children’s fire departments with 250 children in the district went very well. Under other things stefan pyka suggested the acquisition of a defibrillator on the part of the fire-brigade, in order to carry this with itself with employments. One wants to consult about this.
For 25 years of active service, deputy commander alexander horn and andreas heller were awarded the silver state badge of honor. The honor of sebastian schmidt – also for 25 years of active service – will be made up for.

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