Pallet furniture for the classroom

It all started by accident when the schoolboys discovered two pallets that the janitor wanted to dispose of. The idea was quickly born to use it to build pallet furniture for the classroom. After a short time it was clear that the class wanted to do this as a voluntary project.
First, the students and their teacher michael kubert planned how the pallets would be made into furniture and what additional materials would be needed. They bought and paid for screws, wheels, foam and upholstery themselves out of their own pockets. In the first hour they distributed the various tasks such as sanding, saying, drilling and screwing and began to build the 2-seater sofa.
The workroom was a hive of activity, with sandpaper, cordless screwdrivers, hammers and cutter knives all part of the tools of the trade.
After three additional hours of school, the girls and boys had their first sofa ready. The only thing missing were the cushions covered in gray fabric, which one of the students had made together with her father. Now the students presented their 2-seater sofa to principal ulrike freifrau von und zu der tann. The principal was so pleased with the results of the project that she offered to provide financial support for a second sofa.
After four more pallets and the necessary building materials had been procured, the schoolchildren assembled their second piece of furniture in their free time. The leftovers were also used to make a small table.
The cooperation was changeable because different opinions prevailed. In the end they had agreed and had a lot of fun building it. Class 9a is very proud of the seating group they have built. This project has brought the class community even closer together, and the students are looking forward to spending free time together with their sit-down mobs.

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