Snow and attentive drivers prevented the worst from happening

Probably it was the light snowfall immediately before the rain, suspects reibenberger, which could bind the wet on the roads for some time. No ice sheets formed, causing major obstructions in other areas of frankfurt.

Accident near wiesenfeld

Three people were injured in a traffic accident on sunday evening on the state highway near wiesenfeld. A 59-year-old opel driver apparently lost his bearings shortly before 8 p.M. In snowfall and slippery roads. Coming from the direction of bad rodach, he actually wanted to drive past wiesenfeld on the state road. Due to the poor visibility, he thought that the roadway was slightly to the left. In fact, however, he turned without signaling into the rodacher strabe to wiesenfeld.

Serious injuries

At the same time, a 59-year-old nissan driver on the opposite side of the road was unable to swerve out of the way in time. That's why the two vehicles crashed head-on into each other. The driver of the car that caused the accident and the female passenger in the oncoming car had to be taken to coburg hospital by the ambulance service with serious injuries. The passenger in the opel suffered minor injuries and was released from the hospital after outpatient treatment. Damage to the vehicles amounted to over 18,000 euros.

Tractor-trailer truck jackknifed

For over an hour on monday there were considerable obstructions on the B 303 near frohnlach in the morning rush hour traffic. Shortly after 6 a.M., a truck driver lost control of his tractor-trailer while passing a broken-down vehicle and jackknifed his vehicle on the roadway. A considerable traffic jam immediately formed in both directions. It took just under an hour later to clear the road completely. About 7.20 o'clock the traffic was running again unhindered and the traffic jams were cleared up.

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