That’s why the earthworms feel so at home in coburg stadium

After less than ten years, the turf playing field of the school sports facility in wiesenstrabe needs to be renovated. In 2009, the former dr.-stocke stadium rebuilt by the city. The missing or hopefully only incorrectly executed drainage of the sports field pleases the earthworms in the damp subsoil. And because the worms constantly eat their way through the soil layers, a correspondingly large amount comes out the back of them. The accumulated excrement of the worms makes it impossible for the players to play tricky ball handling and dribbling, in short: the pitch is unplayable.

After the vote of the building and environment senate on wednesday, the pitch is now to be intensively maintained on the one hand, and on the other, the drainage of the playing field is to be made functional. The drainage of the water into the river itz is also checked. It was found that on the one hand water was backing up in the drainage pipes, and on the other hand the drainage pipes under the playing field were at least not connected, if not completely missing.

In october, the christian social union (CSB) parliamentary group requested that the turf field be renovated this year. The soccer players of FC coburg, who play their games there, also complained.

Bernhard ledermann presented three scenarios for the future of the sports field to the building and environment senate: firstly, maintenance could be intensified, secondly, only the turf could be mown down, aerated and sanded, and finally, the drainage system could be brought up to scratch. At the so-called "dream game of the bayernfanclub red residenz against FC bayern munchen at the end of august 2017, the pitch was in a good condition "at the end of august, the stagnant rain worm activity returned", according to the head of the civil engineering office.

Last september, the land office probed the playing field at 15 points. For this purpose, ten-centimeter-diameter turf patches were cut out to a depth of 20 centimeters. One result: water is accumulating in some places under the average 15-centimeter-thick turf base layer, and there is no bonding layer between the turf base layer and the building foundation. Instead, a drainage system with pipes was installed at the time. There is also a so-called slot drainage system, but there are no drainage pipes from the playing field in the ring pipe around the playing field, at least on the central side. There are also no drainage pipes connected to the collection line under the center line. This is the result of an inspection by the disposal and construction company with a camera.

According to the construction files of the sports field, there had to be such pipe drains, after all, they were planned and accounted for at that time. According to the head of the grounds department, excavations and, if necessary, functional tests were carried out in order to clarify the situation. "If the proof or the functional test fails, the drainage system must be strengthened by subsequent installation." for this alone, ledermann estimated the cost at 45,000 to 50,000 euros.

Gerhard knoch, head of the coburg waste disposal and construction company, was head of the coburg civil engineering office during the reconstruction of the stocke stadium in 2006 and 2007, under whose leadership the construction work was carried out. Knoch on the drainage pipes: "the things are there," he said! There is no fraud!", he was sure. It is possible that at that time the drainage pipes were not connected to the ring pipe. Such errors could well have occurred. Knoch recalled that the sports field "has worked well for ten years".

The rainwater sewer of the dr.-stocke plant leads into the itz. In case of high water, a backwater flap closes and pumps drain the water away. When the drainage system was examined, water had accumulated in it. Therefore, it must be clarified whether the derivation into the itz is sufficient. It is now to be ensured that this system functions properly.

After a site meeting on 13. September of last year, a memo from the land office states: "at present, the pitch is difficult to play on, if not impossible, due to the rain and worms. If the drought is dry enough, towing or. Sweeping a sufficient to good playability of the square be restored." according to the words of grunflachenamtsleiter bernhard ledermann rainworms in the field are not a problem exclusively in the stocke-sportanlage. But this place is permanently too wet in the summer months.

The members of the building and environment senate were shocked by the condition of the sports field at wiesenstrabe. A thorough renovation of the sports field cost around 400,000 euros and took at least half a year to complete. Any recourse against the construction company that was active at the time will probably not exist after this long time, the tenor said.

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