The electricity is gone – christmas campaign helps

"What will happen next year is insane. The situation is already extremely tense, and it will get worse next year."What gabriele morath, social counselor at caritas, is aiming at is the announced increase in energy prices in general and electricity prices in particular: "there has been a frighteningly large need for advice and help." in the last time alone, six families with children were with her, where the power cut actually took place. And she knows of many cases in which a threat is issued. "It wasn't this massive last year."

Electricity supplier shuts itself off
Of course gabriele morath cannot pay the electricity bills of all these families and individuals. She can help people to find realistic payment models with the electricity suppliers. "One can still talk to the public utilities. But E.ON won't let anyone get close to them. There one lands always only in call centers with always different coworkers. And e-mails and faxes are left lying around." as a result, it happened several times that the electricity was cut off at families' homes, even though gabriele morath had sent the company an assurance of payment. "These are very difficult circumstances for the affected people." they can't just move into the hotel during the time without electricity.

Installment lottery against down payment
Things are going better at the bad kissingen public utility company. A pensioner cannot pay the annual bill because he simply has nothing left. Gabriele morath negotiated an installment payment with the municipal utilities on the condition that a small down payment would be listed. For the man also that is not to be lifted at the moment. But from the donation pot of the weihnachtshilfe it can be helped.

When one thing leads to another
When it comes, it comes thick and fast. Actually, a couple with three children in the area mabbach "only" wanted to move to a cheaper apartment because life was too difficult and the wife had become ill. The man had even found a job again,. But since his health did not hold out either, he was dismissed during the probationary period. The man receives hartz IV, but the job center refuses to provide financial assistance for the move, which has not become any cheaper. In addition, the deposit for the new apartment has become an insurmountable obstacle. The way to finance it through a loan was refused to him. Now the family not only needs financial support, but gabriele morath also wants to contact the landlord in order to agree on a feasible way to pay the deposit.

Coburg children's fund
According to gabriele morath's observations, the child benefit office also takes a long time to pay out money to those entitled to receive it. One day a woman from munnerstadt, a single mother, who did not know what to do, came to the counseling center in despair. In anticipation of a change in the support figures, a few euros had already been deducted in advance, so that the money she received in december was not even enough to pay the rent in full. On the other hand, she had not received the child benefit due to her for her 13-year-old son for december. "I gave the woman food vouchers so that the two of them would have something to eat at all, and also a little cash", declares gabriele morath. The two had not known at all what they had to live on. "There are enormous existential fears that no one can endure for long." not without reason the caritas theme of the year is: "poverty makes you sick."

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