Whatsapp: security hole discovered in group chats

Whatsapp: security hole discovered in group chats

Security leaks with "whatsapp uncovered: how scientists from the "ruhr-universitat bochum the researchers have discovered that the so-called "instant messaging service" is not secure significant possibilities for external hacker and spy attacks and thus security flaw on.
Affected: the encryption of group chats.

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Numerous users are in dozens of group chats, some of which have more than ten members. Here's the problem: the "whatsapp" servers are managed centrally. From there, participants can be added to or deleted from a group at any time – by the administrator. An attack via the central servers bypasses this special position of an administrator. According to "wired" magazine declared a "whatsapp"-spokesman briefly that the security hatch exists in this form. It is relatively easy to detect, however, because whenever a new member is added to a group, this is displayed to the other members. However, not inevitably: in groups that are peppered with masses of members, for example concerning a major event, such a message is more likely to go unnoticed. This is less of a problem for more manageable groups with less than ten members.

Intruders can react spontaneously

if a foreign number is infiltrated into a group chat, the attackers are able to spy out all the data of the group members involved. They can also manipulate by intercepting, blocking or altering messages. If, for example, a user points out the intruder, this message could be intercepted and blocked.

However, an attack requires access to the central servers. However, this is blocked several times for criminals and is therefore relatively improbable. The problem uncovered by the researchers is nevertheless more than relevant from the point of view of data security.

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