Where “fif” adds a little zing


They did it again: the TSV mainbernheim has good contacts to veitshochheim and on saturday at the kappenabend again one of the actors of the tv-session "fastnacht in franken (fif) brought into the multipurpose hall. Ines procter as the cleaning lady is naturally familiar to millions of TV viewers, and the erlabrunn native brought a touch of "fif" to the spectators at the packed meeting. But even without this additional "whistle" the program was once again worth seeing and hearing.

Hundreds of hours of work and practice are put into the mainbernheimer kappenabend, as is the case with the numerous other prunksitzungen in the region. The difference here is perhaps that the TSV mainbernheim as an organizer is in the first place a ruhriger sports club with a rich offer, but the fool's cap just does not have as a reason for existence in the statutes.


All the more astonishing, then, what the "kurzzeit-fasnachter" have traditionally brought to the stage on carnival saturday for years now. Starting with the men's ballet, the barenstarken kesselringern, consisting mainly of the men of the first fubball team, who put on a breathtaking dance show for the eleventh time this year.

The garden's activities are in no way inferior to this, starting with the youngest members of the "purzelgarde" from the age of four, through the junior guard dressed up as pippi longstocking, to the "coarse" members who train in the subdivision for mass sports that was founded just a few years ago. A troupe that has since brought the club an influx of visitors.

Old acquaintances climbed back into the butt. Among them carmen dull, who satirized tucken known as "housewife wallpapering. Also pastor paul haberlein as "till von franken" was again at the start. This time with a socio-critical all-rounder. The mainbernheim clergyman took off his cap at the end of his talk and, as a pastor, urged the audience to be humane.

Easily digestible was the presentation of the three "secco sisters" susanne bergner, siggi oechsner and anke kramer, who sang with the support of the "bernemer singbaren" achim zepter again their mocking rhyming songli on mainbernheimer circumstances – every year one of the highlights.

The program, which lasted a good four hours, also featured a slapstick interlude. Local celebrities were invited onto the stage, where they had to poke dog puppets, each of which sang a line of a well-known hit song.

Breath held

The audience held its breath to see whether, for example, second mayor armin grotsch managed to correctly conduct the refrain of "i've never been to new york.

The evening, which this time was held under the motto "land of laughter", to which many visitors and actors felt obliged by their asian-like costumes, was once again moderated by thomas bachleitner and thomas jager, who accompanied the event in a humorous way.

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