Breakfast: the separation of the eggs

Breakfast: the separation of the eggs

My current favorite radio station reported on saturday: "plan a little more time for baking on the weekend – so that the eggs can better process the separation!"

Nice tip, but difficult to follow. Especially when you can’t bake at all.

On the other hand, the additional time was rather problematic, because the deadlines in kitzingen were pressing. A weekend of great events: international frenauflauf at the opening of the german carnival museum.

Even the town hall in kitzingen had never seen so many fools in one place before – and that’s a bit of a feat for 450 years. Which brings us to the next major event: on sunday there was a unique opportunity to climb on the roof of the kitzingen town hall to celebrate its anniversary, so to speak. Or the other way round: let’s see what kind of corpses are lying around in the cellar.

According to the rumor, many visitors also love to sit down on the chair of the oberburgermeister – to try it out, because the next elections are not so far away anymore.

Finally, it was time for a good look around the marketplace in kitzingen. Whereby we were reassured that the martinimarkt is still called martinimarkt. Some had feared, it could be renamed in sun-moon-stars market.

Fortunately, the topic turned out to be an unlaid egg that must have suffered quite severely from separation pain.

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