More than one million employees of the generation 67 plus

More than one million employees of the generation 67 plus

More and more older people in germany are in employment. Last year, 1.04 million employees were 67 years or older. Almost 600.000 still had regular jobs at age 70 and older.

This is shown by the federal government’s answer to a question from the left in the bundestag, which was made available to the german press agency in berlin.

Almost 220,000 were even over 75 years old – and 72.000 employees over 80 years old. Among people with jobs over 67, 800,000 are mini-jobbers.000 mini-jobbers are employed. With the combination of pension and mini-job, one does not have to pay social security and the additional income does not have to be taxed.

Particularly many of those affected work in an office, as cleaners or drivers. There are also many older people working – often on a part-time basis – in the fields of agricultural engineering, warehousing and delivery. It is possible to combine several mini-jobs if the total earnings remain at 450 euros.

Labor market researchers have been noting for years that people of retirement age do not necessarily feel ready for retirement. Older people are also fitter on average than earlier generations. In addition, skilled workers are in high demand and are also in demand at an older age. According to experts, women in particular are often dependent on additional income to supplement their pensions.

Dietmar bartsch, the leader of the left-wing parliamentary group that asked the question, told dpa: "of course there are employees who voluntarily work into old age, but for many it is sheer financial necessity to have to earn something extra."When people who are over 70, 75, 80 or even over 85 years old still have to work, it’s a "tragedy.

The pension policy spokesman of the FDP parliamentary group, johannes vogel, commented on the findings on sunday: "the fact that many people also want to stay in working life for longer is very good news – the fact that there are still many hurdles in this regard is the bad news. The greatest relief would be a flexible retirement age instead of a rigid age limit."In order to stop the increase in old-age poverty, the statutory pension must be strengthened by a statutory share pension, among other things.

You can continue to work beyond your legal retirement age, for the time being without retiring or as a pensioner.

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