Hedwig kneuer 90: “everyone likes her”

Hedwig kneuer 90:

"She likes to be among the people, everyone in the village likes her." this is what one guest said about hedwig kneuer, who celebrated her 90th birthday on new year's eve. Birthday celebrated. A happy day, as she herself said, because: "I have people around me who suit me."

The jubilarian is a kraisdorfer urgestein. She was born and went to school here and has worked in agriculture all her life. 1990 her husband august died.

Two daughters and a son also congratulated her on her ninetieth birthday, all of them caring deeply for their mother, as well as two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Deputy district administrator michael ziegler and mayor ralf nowak were also among the congratulators.

Stands of the brass band

For the celebration in the village inn played the brass band kraisdorf a standchen, hedwig kneuer is for decades a loyal and passionate supporter of the band.

Her main passion is still knitting socks, she can make a few in two days. She also reads "her" newspaper extensively every day FT. She had to cut back on most of her gardening work last year, but she still takes care of the flowers on the estate in the middle of the village. The jubilarian likes to be among people, especially in the senior circle of the parish of pfarrweisach. This is also how she began her festive day, with a liturgy in the church of kraisdorf.

Looking back on her long life, hedwig kneuer, who is still never at a loss for a quick-witted answer and who has a fitting saying for many situations in life, said that her youth in particular had been good, but that she had been able to lead a good life overall. Their motto was: "work, create, live on".

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