Court rejects eight lufthansa certificates of the ex-ufo boss

court rejects eight lufthansa certificates of the ex-ufo boss

The former head of the cabin crew union ufo, nicoley baublies, remains an employee of lufthansa. The frankfurt labor court on wednesday declared a total of eight notices issued by the company against the union official to be invalid.

Lufthansa was also ordered to continue employing baublies until the legal dispute is concluded. Baublies had worked for lufthansa since 2004, first as a flight attendant and later as a cabin manager (purser). Including prior training, he had already been with the company for more than 15 years at the time of the termination in september 2019 and was therefore properly ineligible, the presiding judge noted.

Lufthansa lacked grounds for the extraordinary notices that were also issued. The company had complained in vain that baublies had not registered his union work as a secondary activity.

At the start of the trial, baublies refused to allow the court to submit a settlement proposal. Baublies’ lawyer explained that there was no point in doing so because the issue had already been discussed with lufthansa for two days in a supreme court proceeding without any result.

Lufthansa and ufo reached a comprehensive conciliation and moderation agreement at the end of january to settle all disputes between the parties – including the notice against baublies. Neither side wished to comment on the possible consequences of the current ruling for the entire proceedings. We will have to wait for the written statement of reasons, said a lufthansa spokeswoman.

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