Lecture on rare lung diseases

When the term "rare lung diseases" is used hort, one would not think that several hundred thousand people suffer from it in germany alone. They are not as rare as their name might suggest.

According to the german society for pneumology and respiratory medicine, this.V. (DGP for short), there are currently around 100 known very rare lung diseases. In recent years, not only have new diseases been discovered, but treatment options have also been further developed and new drugs have been found. Dr. Sven steinbach, chief physician for pneumology at the helios st.-elisabeth-krankenhaus bad kissingen, will talk about these rare diseases of the lungs, symptoms and treatment options on tuesday, 17. September, lecture. The lecture takes place at 5 p.M. At the parkwohnstift bad kissingen.

In recent years, lung fibrosis (chronic inflammation of the connective tissue of the lungs) has become a particular focus of research. Causes of this disease include inhalation of toxic dust concentrations such as asbestos, the consequences of which often go undetected for years. There is currently no hope of a cure for this condition, but it is possible to stop the progression of this disease if it is diagnosed at an early stage. In addition, there are, for example, the bird’s lung or cystic fibrosis, which bring considerable discomforts and impairments for those affected

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