Examination for practitioners

Examination for practitioners

Who uses the word "final exhortations"? Hort, probably first thinks of a classroom where stressed-out schoolchildren fill entire sheets of paper with their knowledge. However, the so-called project examination, which took place this week at the ritter-von spix secondary school in hochstadt, is completely different. "This is a relatively new, but very useful form of evaluation. The young people were able to demonstrate their practical skills", says michael ulbrich, principal of the spix school.

A week for the practice

On monday, the tenth graders received their assignment, for which they had four days: they had to create a market analysis for the school kiosk and design their own portfolio. The young people were able to use their knowledge and skills in the process. Wednesday was the practical part of the exam, where the students had to work in small groups to make something for the kiosk.
They had the choice of three areas: in the subject "home economics they had to cook different dishes. 16-year-old franziska klein took on the task because she wants to gain cooking and gastronomic experience for her future career. "As an event manager, you have to know a lot about food," he says, she explains. In the computer room, the school leavers should be trained in the subject "economics" design a flyer for the kiosk. Technology" as third subject for the election. The schoolchildren had to produce holders for ice cream cones and lollipops out of plastic. Although the tufting in the workroom is part of his final exam, it gives max nagler a lot of spab. "Technology has been my favorite subject since seventh grade", he says. That's why he also wants to take up a skilled trade after finishing school.

The first part is done

On friday the individual groups presented their results. This marked the end of the project week, which is the first part of the M-branch examinations, i.E. The middle maturity exam. It counts for a quarter of the overall grade of the final exam. In the next few weeks, the written exams in german, math and english will follow, and the students will really have to sweat at their desks.

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