A few seconds were enough for a tank

A few seconds were enough for a tank

At the newcomer fight night "first blood" three athletes from the warriors gym forchheim also competed in the nurnberger fight gym. The newcomer timo klemm started for the first time in grappling. In grappling, you try to get your opponent to give up by holding and throwing, or, if agreed, there is also the possibility of winning by points. The referee awards points for throwing techniques or for certain positions the opponent is forced into.

Klemm was able to throw through his more experienced opponent from the fight gym nurnberg, immediately into a "guillotine choke" take. But his opponent was able to counter this and in turn managed to get klemm into an armbar to take, which he could not oppose any more.
Simon glassner fought his first MMA (mixed martial arts fight) at this event. He got his deficit in the "upright" (fight in the stand) at the beginning too clearly to trace. Also on the ground he had to endure several hard punches, but was able to put them away well and also managed to set up his defense well. On the ground his experience as a grappler came in handy, and after the first fubhebel approach did not work, he was able to apply the second perfectly and force his opponent to give up in the first round.

Benedikt panzer won his fight against his opponent sebastian ulizka from AC-bavaria forchheim in his usual manner. After only a few seconds, panzer was able to force his opponent to give up after a skillful throw by a fubhebel.

"In this success reflects ultimately also the work of our MMA trainers again. Here is especially the coaching work of wesley ‘the iron monk’ howard to emphasize. He also took over the supervision of our active fighters, even though he himself had just fought the day before", said michael kann, the director of the warrior gym. Howard fought a grappling superfight against the brazilian emanuel da silva cardoso and will fight on saturday at the german MMA championships in herne.

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