Harsdorf makes headlines on the baltic sea

The usedom-peene-newspaper has dedicated a detailed report to the community of harsdorf. Since the publishing ostsee zeitung is a partner in the editorial network germany, mayor gunther hubner (CSU) received many feedbacks.

The focus of the coverage was climate protection, with the paper specifically asking the question: "why can’t germany be like harsdorf??" the french community is making an effort to go its own way with its own climate protection declaration in a completely non-ideological and practical way. Yet, as jan sternberg notes, harsdorf is a place like thousands of others: "rural, deep in the province, yet close to the cities. Not a remote region, but in the thick of it."

Initially laughed at

In june 2020, the harsdorf town council unanimously passed a climate protection resolution for which it was initially ridiculed. Local councillor stefan holzheu (SPD) had made a decisive contribution as a scientific employee at the center for ecology and environmental research at the university of bayreuth. Holzheu was recently awarded the sepp daxenberger prize by the bavarian government for his research on the effects of wind power. It had proven that the calculation of infrasound exposure from wind turbines is flawed and far too high.

Possible damage to health from sound pollution in the non-audible spectrum was long considered the main argument for opponents of wind power.

The prize money was donated by stefan holzheu for the first community solar plant in harsdorf, which is to be built on the roof of the new fire station.

Climate change threatens livelihood of millions of people, holzheu says. "Climate change is also measurable in upper franconia." the climate declaration helps to approach the issue differently: "our community is committed to focusing on the issues that it can influence. We need energy, we have suitable sites for wind turbines, so we are committed to using them."

"Showing that something is moving forward"

Gunther hubner also has his say in the article: "the youth are demanding a full stop, that’s understandable, but we can’t afford that. But we have to show the youth with concrete measures that something is going on." rei.

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