Verdi announces warning strikes at berlin airport

Verdi announces warning strikes at berlin airport

"We won’t start with the hardest club right away," said negotiation leader jens groger. "But there will be a warning strike."The strike by apron workers at frankfurt airport has been causing massive disruptions at germany’s largest hub for several days now. Air traffic controllers there were also called out on wednesday for a solidarity strike.

The background to the warning strike in berlin is the collective bargaining for the 1500 employees of the service provider globeground. They take care of passenger and baggage handling at germany’s third-largest air traffic location. "The warning strike won’t last for days, but it will send a signal," groger said. The walkout was announced at very short notice to make it more difficult for the employer to find replacement staff, said groger.

Verdi demands 4 percent more pay for twelve months for globeground employees. According to the union, they earn between 1,449 and 2,300 euros gross per month. In the negotiations, verdi agreed to an increase in working hours, which would in fact lead to a zero increase, said groger. Globeground has rejected this. The employer wants to freeze or lower wages and is planning cuts in the collective wage agreement. The company takes care of 80 percent of the ground services at both berlin airports.

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