Pastry chef franz besold from weismain on pleasure

A place at a corner table in the cafe besold in weismain. Cappuccino in a nice, coarse cup is on the table. Franz and barbara besold took time to talk about enjoyment in peace and quiet.

Time, that’s important, because without taking time, you can’t enjoy, the two agree. "Pleasure is not satiation", says franz besold, who is known beyond the borders of the district as a confectioner. You could buy his chocolates in berlin and munich, until he put the focus more on the domestic display again.

Respect for food

"Everyone who enjoys eating eats with understanding," he says, he says and his wife barbara adds that it is also about anticipation and respect for food, because "enjoyment is a feast for the senses", she says and adds: "you have to look forward to it."

That is, the pleasure does not begin with the enjoyment, but already before that. "Anticipation is also a certain pleasure", says barbara besold. But there is more to it than that.

The environment has to be right, says the confectioner, the surroundings and of course the product. You have to taste what’s in it, namely love and heart and soul, because a good product is not an off-the-shelf product. This applies just as much to pastry chefs as it does to butchers or bakers.

Joie de vivre is born

So a lot of things have to come together for an enjoyable experience. That’s why you don’t enjoy every day, says franz besold. "Luxury is extraordinary for me." but if you take the time, it’s worth it, because "when you’ve enjoyed something," she says, says the confectioner "you are in a good mood. Then you also have the joy of life."

The confectioner sees his task as a craftsman of pleasure in conveying this message. The important thing, he says, is pleasure on both sides. "Creativity has come to your rescue", his wife barbara describes it.

Sometimes he has to invent something new to conjure up something special again. "That is for me also a certain pleasure", says besold, who is also aware of the long working hours such a business requires. But he also has the help of two pastry chefs and two apprentices. "It’s simply a team effort", says the master. Nevertheless, he pays attention to the opening hours, so that work doesn’t take over and take away the fun.

Then he can also cook something for his wife and himself during the week. Fish or meat, as the case may be, he says. A bottle of wine to go with it, followed by an espresso and perhaps a scoop of his homemade ice cream or one of the chocolates for which he is famous.

When franz besold describes it like this, you can hear the enthusiasm that he tries to convey to his customers through his chocolates and cakes. But he immediately added that enjoyment is not always possible: "it only works if we have the time."

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