Harald preubner replaces dieter sawinsky

Harald preubner replaces dieter sawinsky

After 20 years at the head of the association, dieter sawinsky did not stand for re-election at the annual general meeting of the wimmelbach volunteer fire department. His deputy sebastian trautner thanked him for his services to the fire department association: "you were the spearhead in our association for 20 years, always with a lot of heart blood and commitment."

After his election, the new chairman harald preubner first had to introduce himself to most of the members, since he currently does not live in wimmelbach, but in forchheim. In the foreseeable future, however, the 64-year-old retiree will move into his own home in the village with his wife and children, which is still under construction.

He came to his new office because he was approached by firefighters. It was reported that there were problems to find a successor for dieter sawinsky. "If you can't find one, take me", the "newcomer" showed readiness and was promptly elected to it. As a deputy daniel trautner stands to him aside. The current second chairman will in future be in charge of the treasury operations, replacing walter gobwein, who held the treasury office on a provisional basis for two years. Florian wolker is the new secretary; he was elected to succeed nikolaus keiner. The assembly confirmed peter gugel and herbert stilkerich as auditors.

Former chairman dieter sawinsky was elected to the club committee as representative of the passive members, the active members are represented by benedikt saffer, markus eckert, andre lindenberger and matthias zirkel.

However, the active force of the wimmelbach fire department is at a crossroads. This was clearly demonstrated to the members at the service meeting following the annual meeting of the fire department association. When second mayor bernd ruppert (CSU) explained the situation at the speaker's podium, there was an awkward silence. In the last few months, the number of firefighters in wimmelbach has dramatically decreased. Only ten people are still on duty. The insufficient team strength in connection with a low exercise participation caused the deputy commander andre lindenberger to resign from his office. Together with commander matthias zirkel, he informed ruppert of the situation. Fire protection and technical assistance could no longer be provided by the fire department in wimmelbach, especially during daytime alarms. In order to discuss how to proceed, district fire chief oliver flake, district fire inspector johannes schmitt and the two district fire chiefs willi kupfer and harald kraus came to wimmelbach.

"If the staffing level in active service does not increase to a sufficient minimum number by this summer, the municipality will be legally forced to draw necessary consequences", explained bernd ruppert. A legal option would be the creation of a dependent fire department in wimmelbach, which would operate under the leadership of the neighboring fire department in hausen. Another option is to set up a compulsory fire department. All women and men from wimmelbach aged between 18 and 65 years were then conscripted into service.

But it's not that far yet "we will do everything we can to maintain the volunteer fire department in wimmelbach", ruppert appeared pugnacious. He is sure that wimmelbach is not an isolated case in the district when it comes to the lack of daytime alarm security. First, a letter to all firefighters in the town is intended to motivate them to join the fire department. As a second step, a letter is planned to be sent to all households in wimmelbach asking for help in maintaining the local fire brigade. 

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