Referendums and district parliament still to be paid out

referendums and district parliament still to be paid out

Seehofer versus ude, who will be prime minister and how will the seats in the state parliament be distributed?? These were the dominant questions of the election evening. And also the gleaning and the licking of wounds of the parties on monday concentrate on the "rough" ones power issues in the state and federal government.

But there were also two other votes of the electorate on election sunday: five referendums and – not to be forgotten – the district elections. While the votes for the state election are all paid out, you have to be patient for the plebiscite and the district.

On request, the france districts informed us that the payment is running at full speed. In the district of upper franconia, it is expected that, as in the last election, it will take until tuesday noon for the votes to be counted.

Only the voting district of bamberg land is currently disbursed. According to the preliminary results, district president gunther denzler has won the direct mandate here. Denzler united 27.149 first votes, which corresponds to 48.93 percent of the first votes.

The names of the remaining candidates elected to the district parliament are not yet known; also the distribution of the district parliament mandates will be determined only with the arrival of the last voting district results, said the district of upper franconia.

An unaudited quick report for the district of lower franconia will be available on the district elections page. So far, only the wurzburg district has paid out land there. As a direct candidate, elisabeth schafer (CSU) was elected with 37.455 first votes elected.

Individual counties have already published their results for the 2013 district elections. For example, for the voting districts of wunsiedel, kulmbach and bayreuth.

The state election commissioner is responsible for evaluating the five referendums. The press office said that the final result would not be known until wednesday.

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