Escherndorf village square is a topic in the city council

Escherndorf village square is a topic in the city council

The volkach city council’s schedule is being pushed through vigorously. The vacation committee, planned for 1. September, fall under the table. Likewise, the city council meeting of 15. September. On the other hand, the city council meets on 10. September, an unusual wednesday: "this is about awarding the escherndorf village square project," says mayor peter kornell.

Kornell wants to press the accelerator on this project. After all, the people of escherndorf have been waiting a long time for the realization of this project. The whole thing is not cheap: including demolition, the church forecourt, which is to have barrier-free access, will cost around half a million, estimates kornell.

The wait for the village square has already consumed a lot of patience in escherndorf. In 2009 the project was launched in connection with the renewal of the village. The plans became a long shot when the community meeting place, which had also been considered, failed in the city council after the church withdrew as a co-financier. "Too expensive," the committee found in 2012 the community center, estimated at around 400,000 euros.

The community center doesn’t exist, but in june the city council made money available for a meeting in the meeting room of the winegrowers’ hall: the city wants to invest around 140,000 euros in the project. Now it is also the turn of the forecourt at the church, which – according to the previous plans – should actually have been finished in the fall. But it will probably take until spring 2015.

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