Colorful parade through the city

On no other day of the year do the guards of the royal-privileged sharpshooters' society show so much public presence as on the first sunday of the sharpshooters' festival. Seeing and being seen was the motto of yesterday's holiday parade to the schutzenanger, where schutzenmeister siegfried jakel welcomed the numerous societies and friendly delegations from the city area.
At the same time it was the day of the kings with the reigning guardian king jorg lesch, the ladies queen bianca hetz and the youth king andreas osterlanger. The city had dressed up in their honor. The flower decorations at the historic town hall were in full bloom, the people of burgerhausen had put on their festive decorations, and colorful flags were tautening in the wind that was driving scattered rain clouds in front of it in the sky, which, however, just in time had a chance to see the light.
Also acoustically the rough event announced itself. The hochstadt music society entertained the gathering crowd of guardians at the town hall, and when the deafening bollerschusse sounded along kronacher strabe, the never-ending procession of guardians marched through the narrow passage at the upper gate, accompanied by the tinkling play and the ringing of bells.
Seven bands, from the schwurbitz brass band to the lichtenfels marching band of the knighthood of andechs-meran, provided musical accompaniment to the fascinating spectacle.
Impressive was the number of friendly guard associations and societies that came to pay their respects to the members of the royal-privileged sharpshooter society of lichtenfels. From bamberg, bad staffelstein/ebensfeld, coburg, grub am forst, neustadt, kronach, schwurbitz, redwitz, marktzeuln, kosten, mistelfeld and schney they had traveled to be celebrated together with the royal privileges.All had dressed up powerfully. The chains of the majesties glittered in the sun, the flags were proudly carried forward, and behind them the ladies in their beautiful dirndls waved to the lichtenfels guards, while the gentlemen marched by and lifted their hats.
The colorful picture was completed by the rough clubs from the city area. The traditional costume society D'werdenfelser is an enrichment for every parade. Not to be overlooked were the various delegations of the lichtenfels gymnastics team, which received additional applause for their athletic performances. No less proudly presented themselves the athletes club, the fubball club with its successful offspring and the scouts st.

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