Serious accident on the b289 near burgkunstadt

An 82-year-old ford driver crossed into the oncoming lane for reasons that are not yet clear and collided with an oncoming truck. The force of the impact caused the ford to spin several times on the road and eventually hit a mercedes sprinter. Behind was a mercedes driver, whose car was also damaged by flying parts.

The 82-year-old man who caused the accident was lucky – he suffered shock and minor whiplash and was able to leave the hospital after only a short time. The pensioner stated to the police officers that there was something wrong with the steering of his ford. Investigations into the cause of the accident on the vehicle are still necessary.

The B289 had to be fully closed for an hour for the accident investigation and recovery work. The traffic was diverted by the fire departments of burgkunstadt and mainklein over a wide area and various vehicle fluids were tied up. After the road was cleaned by the road maintenance department, the B289 could be reopened at around 13:00.15 o’clock again completely for the traffic to be opened. Pole

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