Bamf: only 50,000 pending cases by the end of the year

Bamf: only 50,000 pending cases by the end of the year

By the end of the year, the federal office for migration and refugees (BAMF) wants to have reduced the number of pending asylum cases to around 50,000. This is what BAMF president jutta cordt told the german press agency in nurnberg.

This number is a "normal turnover" for the authorities, because "we will never be at zero". Time and again, passports or other documents are missing from cases, which delays processing.

The federal office had already returned to a kind of normal operation in may, said cordt. At that time, the number of pending cases was around 165,000 – and thus below the number before the start of the rough immigration: in january 2019, it was 178,000. The BAMF started the current year with around 434,000 pending cases. At the end of july, the number was 129,000.

The primary goal now is to remove those traps that have been at the BAMF for a very long time. These are about two-thirds of the anhangigen procedures. These mostly difficult old cases also spoil the BAMF's statistics on the average duration of proceedings: if you only look at the new proceedings, they are currently decided in an average of 1.8 months. If we consider old and new proceedings together, however, the average duration of proceedings is 10.9 months.

After a peak of around 10,000 employees at the height of the refugee influx, the BAMF currently still has around 7,800 employees – around 3,500 of them on temporary contracts. "We're happy to have enough positions to take on a rough share of the temporary employees," said cordt. However, this is only possible where the budget provides permanent employment. There are "unfortunately no permanent positions for everyone".

How many employees the BAMF will need next year, cordt would not yet say. "When the BAMF staffing levels are discussed in new budget negotiations after the federal elections, we need good reasons for getting enough staff – and i am firmly convinced that we have them," said cordt. There is not yet a figure – in the end, it also depends on what additional tasks the BAMF takes on.

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