Lured by regional fruit

The fruit market in romansthal on sunday attracted numerous visitors from near and far under a bright blue sky and the most beautiful sunshine. The parking lot was already filling up in the late morning hours. The traffic was regulated by the local fire department.

However, the fruit supply this year was not as good as in the last record harvest year. A frost during the spring bleeding had shattered the dream of an all-too-lush harvest. Nevertheless, the guests of the fruit market carried home full bags and baskets with valuable vitamins.

The offer in the individual farm stands scored with a lot of homemade like jellies or jams, with fruit in liquid form like liqueurs or schnapps and pickled like sour cucumbers, zucchini or whatever else can be preserved. Who wanted, could stock up with decorative autumn wreaths or decorations made of wood. The ostmarkt in romansthal was this year’s 21. Edition. "It was the first fruit market in the district of lichtenfels, followed by kummel and stublang", remembers the former district advisor jupp schroder.


But there was already a fruit market in 1910. After decades of stagnation, it was launched in 1999 with a very small print run. Over the years, these modest beginnings have grown into an event that is known far beyond the borders of the district.

If the weather plays along, then the fruit market in romansthal experiences a real rush of visitors like last sunday. There are around 600 fruit trees in and around the village of 100 souls.

The diversity of varieties was also reflected in an apple exhibition, which was somewhat different from the usual in the anniversary year, explains alexandra kober, chairwoman of the fruit and horticulture association. In the anniversary year, the background of the fruit exhibition was adorned with a lettering filled with various types of fruit. 100 years ago in 1919, anton ostler was the driving force behind the founding of a fruit growers’ association in romansthal.

The range of cucumbers was also varied. In the meantime, the versatile crank bites have become a permanent fixture in the kitchen, and it’s hard to imagine halloween without them as a creepy factor. A group from unterpreppach has stocked up on crank bites. "One goes into the pot, two are used for carving and one serves as an ornament", explain your purchases.

Even though there was no shortage of warmth this year, the children were able to rustle up some stick bread. The fire needed for this blazed in discarded washing machine drums. The fruit market also had a lot to offer in the way of culinary delights. A variety of cakes and pies tempted guests at coffee time, and those who preferred something heartier could enjoy kurbissuppe (curd soup) or bratwurst (sausage). An exhibition of bees and the romansthal fruit market rounded off the event.

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