Hats off! – adelsdorf women’s association remembers the pre-camp women

All over germany women of the catholic german women’s federation (KDFB) took to the streets last saturday to "set a sign with a hat".

At the suggestion of the KDFB, the adelsdorf women’s association also joined the "set a sign with a hat" campaign connected and many women came to the adelsdorf castle garden to set a sign – full of respect for their predecessors – with various hats.

Even before 1918, the KDFB, which emerged from the women’s movement in 1903, was concerned with women’s suffrage. He carried out a fundamental staatsburger educational work and set himself the goal of counteracting the social disadvantage of women and improving their living conditions. 100 years ago, it helped motivate women to vote or stand for election. You can only take your hat off to this performance.

Well "shepherded" forwards

The ladies of the catholic women’s association in adelsdorf also share this opinion. The idea for the campaign came from regina heyder, chairwoman of the KDFB’s theological commission, and ulrike gerdiken, the representative of the individual members at the federal level. You were at the visit of an exhibition with the title "women’s departure into modern politics – from women’s rights to women’s mandates" they noticed that at that time all the women who fought for the right to vote were "sheltered" and because the KDFB was often referred to as the "association of ladies in hats" the idea of making the hat a symbol of remembrance for all women who have been politically active since then came to the two of them.

Adelsdorf women join in

Of course the women of adelsdorf were happy to join the hat call. As lovers of democracy, they also want to show their support for the committed women who oppose the tendencies to curtail women’s right to self-determination and co-determination.

"Fortunately, it is normal for us here to be able to get involved in politics and help shape our society, as ms. Gerdiken emphasizes", explains the spokeswoman of the adelsdorf women’s association maria zahnleiter. "Even though equality has come a long way in the last 100 years, there is still a lot to be improved, like equal pay for equal work, no discrimination because of raising children and more", maria gob adds.

90 years of the women’s federation

The KDFB adelsdorf celebrates this year, on 3. Marz, its 90th anniversary. Throughout the years, he has always stood up for women’s rights and will continue to do so. He was and is with his various activities always also a supporting pillar for the parish life in st. Stephanus.

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