Lonnerstadt business park moves closer to completion

A hurdle has been taken: the change in the land use plan for the "edelgraben" business park in lonnerstadt is in dry cloth after the fifth interpretation. At the meeting, a resolution was passed that will – so the council and the administration hope – bring the never-ending story to an end.
Now it is a question of drawing up a development plan for the new "edelgraben 2" commercial area to be set up. "The process is already underway, engineer georg schreiber from the hochstadt office of maier reported at the meeting. Not to be confused with the opposite "edelgraben 1", for which there is already a development plan from 2006. For economic reasons, this has not yet been realized. Even now, no one knows if and when this will happen.
Mayor stefan himpel () had invited businesses interested in locating in the area to the west of lonnerstadt to the meeting. 10,000 square meters of the 3.8-hectare site are to be made available to the municipality for companies wishing to locate there. 20,000 square meters remain in the hands of herbert krafft. The local entrepreneur, who wants to build three halls on his flat, has, according to his own words, "also initiated the whole thing".
As mayor himpel announced, four companies already established in the municipality have made concrete commitments to purchase commercial sites. "They want to grow and move away with their company if they don't get a plot of land", third mayor johann hops (CSU/burgerblock) added. Mayor himpel is not least concerned with creating new jobs.

Access not yet optimal

However, the development of the commercial area is possible only from the south – in extension of the main road. For an access road from the district road ERH 18 the district administration office demanded a left turn lane, the planner explained. This solution is unsatisfactory for some rates. The district should rather "think about a holistic solution in the intersection area", demanded gerrit hoppe ().
The model of a heat supply by a block heat and power plant for the industrial area was presented by graduate engineer friedrich schafer. According to schafer, the main reason for this is the CO2 savings of 300 to 350 tons per year. Woodchips save the environment and resources, and the money stays in the region. The near-warmth also brings advantages for the companies willing to settle in the town. No need for boilers or fireplaces and no dirt in the house. Since the price of oil is expected to rise in the future, the wood-fired power plant is a cost-effective source of heat. As schafer explained, due to the favorable primary energy factor, there are also much lower requirements for the construction of the buildings. At the same time, however, the engineer made it clear that the model would only work if a connection obligation was imposed.
Herbert krafft thinks of the local heating network as a "citizens' project. The developers then had the opportunity to join the operating company. He also showed the possibilities of the demand. He offered the possibility of visiting a similar plant to the councils.

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