Not only the water is foaming in the 2. Triathlon national league

Not only the water is foaming in the 2. triathlon national league

SSV forchheim finished the third competition of the 2. Triathlon-bundesliga successful on place 11 of 16. Ralf gartner finished 26th., followed directly by christoph prem, steffen lotter was 48th., andreas maiwald 62. And florian loos ran 71. Into the finish. This was a very good performance for the forchheimers, even though the first two competitions were not too long ago.

In a competition week, the preparation always looks the same: to recover from the pre-competition, there is a long swim session on monday and relaxed running on tuesday. Wednesday a hard swim session is scheduled, followed by two days of rest. A short cycling and running training session at competition speed is scheduled for saturday to get the hang of things. The material is also checked: air pressure at eight bar, chain oil and a drop of spooling agent in the swimming goggles to prevent them from fogging up.

In the first meters of the third race, the swimmers from forchheim positioned themselves at the right end in order to start as undisturbed as possible. But many athletes had this idea and the quintet found itself in the "washing machine" again. In triathlon, this expression describes the situation when many swimmers are jostling for position on one course and the water is churned up in the process. Not only that, gartner’s swimming goggles also filled up with water and everything foamed – that’s what happens when too much routine sets in and the spooling agent is still in the swimming goggles. Prem outperformed the main field of lotter, loos and gartner with the best ten swimmers. Maiwald did not call up his swimming form on this day.

High speed cycling

In contrast to the first two races, the leading group did not break away during the cycling and the main field swallowed the leading group on the last kilometers of the bike with an average speed of 44.8 km/h. Some athletes could not keep up with the high pace and continued in the back third, among them swimming specialist loos.

In the final run over 4.4 kilometers, despite the mishap in the swim, gartner was the best from forchheim, followed by prem and lotter. With a spirited running performance maiwald overtook some athletes. Loos, former swim coach of lotter in 1991/92, still stayed under the magic hour mark on the sprint distance. At the end of august the last two competitions start in team format, which is a strong point of the forchheimer. Because this is where the consistency of the athletes pays off. Four out of five starters of a team have to reach the goal together.

New upper franconian champion

The close proximity to forchheim attracted more ssv athletes to the trebgaster bathing lake, who started in the open category. Maria leidenberger and julia heilmann took up the chase for the crown of the upper franconian champion over the popular distance. Leidenberger took the top spot in the senior 3 age group. In the men’s category peter landgraf achieved this feat in the senior 5 category, alexander hitzler won silver in the senior 1 category and stefan leidenberger took bronze in the senior 4 category. Michael stirnweib started in the olympic distance and finished ninth overall. Slo

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