Man goes after police officers with axe

Man goes after police officers with axe

The official veterinarian and some helpers from the animal shelter met with the patrol crew in front of the 54-year-old man's residence. The man, who was not unknown to the police, had been banned from keeping animals by the district administration of bad kissingen some time ago. However, he did not comply with this prohibition. To enforce the ban, various feathered animals, rabbits and a cat had to be taken away from him.

During the police action, the man put up considerable resistance, the police now announced. He threatened the officers with a carpenter's hammer and a knife, among other things. When he also reached for a splitting axe, he had to be subdued. Only then could those present search for the animals and take them away from the owner.

Not appropriate for the species

They were all kept in an inappropriate manner and were partly injured or ill. During the search of the house, the officers also found three firearms and the corresponding ammunition, which are not licensed but were taken away for security reasons.

The man will now be charged with resisting law enforcement officers and attempted grievous bodily harm. He will also face charges of animal cruelty. In addition, he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for being dangerous to himself and others. The officers and also the mentally ill man were not injured./pol

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