Samuel koch spurs his hand and fube again

Samuel koch spurs his hand and fube again

In spite of his serious accident during "betting that..?" samuel koch (25) has never given up. "I’m always trying to tickle out a little bit more somewhere", describes koch at "peter hahne on ZDF next sunday, 30. June 2013, 10.3 p.M., his efforts to regain a little more agility. He is making progress above all in the sensory area, he can feel his hands and fingers again. "Progress is perhaps too strong a term for it."

In his book "samuel koch – two lives" the 25-year-old describes his life before and after the accident. Take a look here

Although koch has been paralyzed from the neck down since the accident, the 25-year-old has fought his way back into life, written a book and continued his studies in acting. Now he is shooting his graduation film at the hannover university of music, theater and media. And a feature film with the title "only kissing helps". In the coming year, he wants to graduate in acting and has already started a correspondence course in psychology.

In his search for a cure, koch relies on experts to provide him with information. "It is no longer the case that I am constantly searching the internet to see what else I can do."

Samuel koch is supported in his situation by his friends, his family and his christian faith. But he also draws a lot from the positive reactions that reach him. "This also motivates me not to withdraw, as I had originally intended, but to be present with my message, for example, in educational or school projects."

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