My book, your book, our book

My book, your book, our book

Michael busch animox is still missing. "Animox would be really cool, if this would stand in this closet someday!" leon looks in the closet, goes through book after book, but the story about people who can turn into powerful animals is not in the closet today. "He is a real "bookworm, says sebastian ort, father of the nine year old. And the two younger siblings, nico and anna, are also developing in the direction of children who love to read, with anna specifically reaching for the rainbow fish.

However, with the start of the exit restrictions due to the coronavirus, a problem arose. The books at home were already read, the bookstores closed and the reading material ran out. "It was born out of necessity, so to speak", explains the father with a view of the colorfully painted cupboard. An idea born out of necessity, but one that works, as he sums up after a good week. "I still had an old cupboard at home. We first painted it together."

Painted together

On the doors there are prints of the children’s hands, a smiley "this one is from me", emphasizes nico" – and a rainbow. "Leon had the idea and mama painted it."

The completed cupboard was then brought to the bus stop in klebheim and provided with a basic stock of reading material. "We were not sure about the bus stop at first, but we looked for a place where it is also dry." first there was the idea to put the cupboard in a side street, but there would have been the question whether so many people notice the possibility of the book exchange. Sebastian ort says that he then simply asked the mayor horst rehder if there could be any problems. "But he was immediately enthusiastic and found the idea great." and nico adds: "besides, there’s still room next to the locker if it really rains. And you can read something while you wait!"

Now the cabinet is there and has its own logo. What pleases the ort family is the lively use of the cabinet. Nico checks it every day and is thrilled that the cabinet and the idea were accepted. It’s not just the people of klebheim who use the cabinet. "Anyone who wants to contribute can do so."

In the online encyclopedia wikipedia there is even a list with the public book barriers in bavaria. "A public bookcase is a cupboard or cupboard-like storage place with books, which serves to offer books free of charge, anonymously and without any formalities for exchange or for taking away." according to this note: there are almost 2000 of these exchanges throughout germany.

In bavaria alone there are 141. Klebheim is not yet listed. But maybe you can record this together with hebdorf. Because erich biermann also wanted to put up a bookcase there. "It’s a great idea, and why not copy it??" but he has already spoken with sebastian ort.

"Of course, you can also put the cabinet somewhere else. Erich has already asked me, if I did not have such a cabinet by chance." and so there will be a cupboard in hebdorf to exchange books, maybe also music and games. And don’t forget nico, he will be happy about animox.

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