Rough gift for two elementary schools

The youth welfare committee of the district of kronach met again at short notice before the christmas holidays to discuss youth social work at the elementary schools of pressig and stockheim. The committee supports the creation of one position each, initially for a limited period of time.

This is intended to compensate for the pandemic-related stresses in the area of social learning and skills development. At the same time, a possible long-term need is to be determined.

Subject to a request through the federal action program "catching up after corona for children and young people", the district of kronach participates from 1. January in each case in the amount of the state regulatory requirement, but no more than 8180 euros per year per location.

In the youth aid budget 2022 are to be set additional funds in the amount of 16360 euros and for 2023 of 10 000 euros. The demand by the district of kronach is initially to 31. July 2023 limited.

An appropriate contribution from the independent provider is also required for the overall financing.

Head of the youth welfare office stefan schramm provided detailed information. Currently, there are youth social workers in the district of kronach at the elementary and middle school kups and at the middle school pressig, which is supported by the caritas association . The kolping-berufsbildungs-ggmbh is the sponsor of the middle school and the lucas cranach elementary school in kronach. The district itself maintains a half-time position at the special education demand center at the pestalozzi school in kronach .

But why are the elementary schools in pressig and stockheim supported?? Of the 14 state elementary schools in the district, eight have fewer than 100 pupils. The second largest elementary school is stockheim with 167 pupils, followed by pressig with 137. In july 2021, the state education authority confirmed the assessment of the district youth welfare office and supported the further expansion of social work. The school administration in pressig has already been reporting an increased need for youth social work services for years. Independently of this demand, an evaluation of the police inspection ludwigsstadt had confirmed an accumulation of juvenile offenses in the municipality area pressig in the years 2019 and 2020. Of the 137 pupils at the pressig elementary school, 21 (15.3 percent) have a migration background. The consequence are social deficits.

In stockheim, 13 elementary schools have a migration background, which corresponds to 7.83 percent; in the area of the bound all-day classes, this percentage is 15 percent. During the corona pandemic, there was an increase in the need for help, so the youth social work centers were to be justified.

Taking on a pioneering role

District administrator klaus loffler thanked the sponsors for their willingness to cooperate. Gisela rohde, director of the school district, considered the decision a great christmas present for both schools. He referred to the good experiences at the other schools with youth social work.

District administrator klaus loffler thanked his predecessor district administrator oswald marr for his pioneering role in the future. The managing director of the caritas association, cornelia thron, was also pleased. "We have no more time to waste," she said. 

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