Dancing for all it’s worth in albertshofen

Dancing for all it's worth in albertshofen

"The weather is brilliant", david notes with relief. The sun is shining, it's not too cold, and most importantly, it's not raining like it did during the church fair parade on sunday. Because who wants to pick up his dance partner for the wash dance soaked through? David and all the other wasenzieher in any case not. For him it is already the third time that he takes his girlfriend cordula to the wash dance. This is an old tradition at the albertshofer kirchweih.

For more than 125 years, the unmarried boys from albertshof have been picking up their girls and taking them to the "wasen" to waltz and dance a polonaise together. But before the boys could pick up their dance partners, they met yesterday at the fahre. Even the former, because married, boys could not be missing: the goikerer. They all have a peacock feather on their hats and follow the boys with their tractor, which has been converted into a goiker, or rooster.

In search of the brews
As soon as the brass band begins to play, the boys storm off to their wasenbrut. The goikerer and their tractor follow them easily. The boys hop through the village and meet their dance partner, then they also slowly move towards the wasen on the land of the gartenland hall.

There are already many other albertshofer waiting on the meadow – and already it starts: the music plays and the couples line up and waltz off . After a polonaise, the men are positioned on one side and the women on the other side. Each parchen stands against the other and waits for the turn to come at last. Then the lad and the wasenbraut approach each other and turn to the music to the other end of the row.

Here it is clear to see who has learned the waltz and who has not. "That sees freestyle waltz", comments one of the spectators. "No, it's just a modern variant", laughs the other. Once the waltz has been completed smoothly, most of the dance is over and it is time to wait until the last wasen couple has danced. Then the hoofs are swung again, this time waltzing again, but each pair for itself.

Goikerschlagen around a rooster
Then the goikerer goes into action. For another high point on kerwerdienstag, albertshofen's most important holiday, is the goikerschlagen (beating of the goikers). "There is also only, so that also the married albertshofer and not only the boys come", jokes mayor horst reuther. And the "goikerer" blindfolded. He stands in the middle of a cordoned off square. You give him a huge tree trunk in his hand and turn the goiker several times around the trunk.
The goiker is supposed to lose his orientation, which is important, because the difficulty in beating the goiker is to drop the trunk blindfolded so that it lands on a small flowerpot, only as a substitute for the goiker, a real rooster, and breaks it. Of course, the spectators are allowed to help the goiker, but it is not guaranteed that the shouts of the bystanders are correct. The first to enter is the pastor. First he pulls, the audience laughs and shouts "to the left! No to the right". Otto golkel does not let this unsettle him. Four times in a row he hits the flowerpot. The audience cheers. With this steeply sloping template is golkel rough favorite at the goikerschlagen. The prize is a live rooster, the consolation prize is wine. "Who has kerm?", golkel calls out to the crowd and loudly comes back: "mir ham kerm!"

The atmosphere is rough. All laugh, many mother of the dancers twitch the camera and try to push the best picture. All the others who have only watched are also enthusiastic. Especially cordula and david are happy about the wasentanz. "This is now our third wasentanz. It is again and again. And next time we will be there again", promises david and continues with cordula to the other wasenpaaren. Everyone poses for a group photo as a reminder of this beautiful afternoon.

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