New power politics and the plight of the poor countries

New power politics and the plight of the poor countries

China, russia and india: long before the global vaccination initiative covax last week, the first 600.After sending thousands of vaccine doses to the first recipient country, ghana, the three countries together have already delivered millions of vaccine doses to dozens of poor countries.

While the rich western world is slow to get going with its vaccination aid for the poorer countries, china, russia and india are offering themselves as saviors in times of need. Vaccines are the new truth in diplomacy.


Klosterhalfen in 5000-meter final – schwanitz convinced

Klosterhalfen in 5000-meter final - schwanitz convinced

Unimpressed by the hubbub surrounding the oregon project and doping coach alberto salazar, konstanze klosterhalfen stormed into the 5000-meter final at the world athletics championships in doha.

The 22-year-old gave a tactically sound performance in the preliminary race on wednesday evening – on saturday evening, the raw german running talent is certainly expected to win a medal.


Harald preubner replaces dieter sawinsky

Harald preubner replaces dieter sawinsky

After 20 years at the head of the association, dieter sawinsky did not stand for re-election at the annual general meeting of the wimmelbach volunteer fire department. His deputy sebastian trautner thanked him for his services to the fire department association: "you were the spearhead in our association for 20 years, always with a lot of heart blood and commitment."

After his election, the new chairman harald preubner first had to introduce himself to most of the members, since he currently does not live in wimmelbach, but in forchheim. In the foreseeable future, however, the 64-year-old retiree will move into his own home in the village with his wife and children, which is still under construction.


Pastry chef franz besold from weismain on pleasure

A place at a corner table in the cafe besold in weismain. Cappuccino in a nice, coarse cup is on the table. Franz and barbara besold took time to talk about enjoyment in peace and quiet.

Time, that’s important, because without taking time, you can’t enjoy, the two agree. "Pleasure is not satiation", says franz besold, who is known beyond the borders of the district as a confectioner. You could buy his chocolates in berlin and munich, until he put the focus more on the domestic display again.


Help for the adaptation centers in coburg

You just want to give something back quickly at the aldi checkout and run hard naked into the wrong door? They put on makeup in the morning and think that this is their face, until they realize in the evening that this is only my makeup. – if such irritations haunt you more often, then you belong to the "adaptive" ones. Their number is clearly increasing, which is no wonder, given the increasing madness at all levels in this society.
For all those who are not yet completely absorbed by the matrix, there will be a cultural event in april that may help more than hurt: radio influenza will be active again, this time with a film "impressionen anpassungsgestorter" at the utopolis cinema in coburg. And a little bit around it, of course, because one of the creators of radio influenza, ahmet ozer, says it right away: "so me… I do not keep my mouth shut."
And that’s it. Johannes titze and ahmet ozer, two friends from coburg, did not want to keep their mouths shut in the face of said madness, but they also did not want to go on stabbing people in the wounds and stirring things up and so on. One of them, titze, works in television and film and is the father of three children, the other, ozer, has a wild biography of a machine builder, core driller, cowboy, and he doesn’t even know what he has done. Both with a penchant for art, asked themselves how they could transform themselves and the world, how they could gain influence, and so called radio influenza into being around 2012. There were shows between video art and speech rounds with belly dance, in the riding hall, in the weird, in the public space.
And, yes, they want to be contagious, want more people to notice the madness. All this violence on the internet and in reality, the general exhaustion "well, I get burnout just watching TV", ahmet ozer turns head and eyes. What he also plays in the film. He comes to his friend, completely exhausted, asks for advice, gets possible solutions and these are then played in and out in cinematic scenes. "He says, "that’s more like the crazy one between the two of us, johannes tietze explains the constellation "and i am left with the task of sorting out and realizing the situation." technically this happens in the basement studio in coburg north. Everything is self-made, including the music, preferably electronically.
It is not explicitly about coburg, but very much so, there are a lot of influences, many people are involved, they will also find themselves, yes, that’s what it’s all about, participation, get involved, it won’t work without you, the more colorful, the better the event. So the two fall in their enthusiasm into the word. And this is how the film of about 60 minutes was made (or better still in the making), without script, improvising, living. "First we had the date, then the location, i.E. The cinema with the big screen and the small stage in front of it, and then we asked ourselves what we were going to do with it", reports titze. "This approach has been preserved with us, it will be good."
the duo has no budget, after all, they want to remain independent. But the fact that oskar heublein from utopolis is already running constant commercials before the films for this event, which is presented as part of the vhs cinema initiative, makes them very happy.
How the film continues beyond coburg "well, let’s show it here first, let’s see if people like it" titze remains on the ground. After all, titze and ozer see themselves as being responsible to the extent that they will be able to arrange for the film to be shown on the 18th of december. April in any case want to provide further help, at a merchandising booth, with a little music, a few drinks of course…

Cinema utopolis coburg impressions adaptation supporter. A film evening by ahmet ozer and johannes titze. 18. April, 20.15 o’clock. Tickets are available at the volkshochschule coburg and at the cinema box office.


Weisendorf needs to be restructured

Weisendorf needs to be restructured

After failing to pass the budget statutes and the budget plan in december, the weisendorf municipal council dealt with the extensive set of figures in its first meeting of the new year. As the chairman of the meeting and second mayor karl-heinz hertlein (CSU) explained, the main, finance and culture committee had discussed in detail and taken note of the draft budget statutes and budget plan including annexes for the 2020 budget year. By eight votes to one, the council was recommended to approve the 2020 budget and the 2020 budget statutes.

As expected, the parliamentary group of alliance 90/the greens rejected the budget, including the financial and staffing plan, and christiane kolbet made a sweeping statement in which she did not mince words about the council’s past decisions. As in the past, kolbet criticized the fact that the renovation of the town center, which was started in 2012 at the instigation of grunen, is only progressing slowly and that not much has happened above the palace garden.


That’s why the earthworms feel so at home in coburg stadium

After less than ten years, the turf playing field of the school sports facility in wiesenstrabe needs to be renovated. In 2009, the former dr.-stocke stadium rebuilt by the city. The missing or hopefully only incorrectly executed drainage of the sports field pleases the earthworms in the damp subsoil. And because the worms constantly eat their way through the soil layers, a correspondingly large amount comes out the back of them. The accumulated excrement of the worms makes it impossible for the players to play tricky ball handling and dribbling, in short: the pitch is unplayable.

After the vote of the building and environment senate on wednesday, the pitch is now to be intensively maintained on the one hand, and on the other, the drainage of the playing field is to be made functional. The drainage of the water into the river itz is also checked. It was found that on the one hand water was backing up in the drainage pipes, and on the other hand the drainage pipes under the playing field were at least not connected, if not completely missing.