Youth work has changed

Youth work has changed

Have young people become more difficult? This question from oldburg mayor werner wolf () to youth worker christian schonfelder about his balance sheet after 15 years of youth work in grafenberg was not easy to answer. Youth work has changed. In any case, the young people accepted the newly renovated rooms well. However, the change of generations is noticeable. Young people who were still involved in the redesign are now out of their shoes, the fifth graders are standing in front of the tower.

Bowling, a trip to the ice center and, of course, educational work on violence, drugs and extremism in any form are among his tasks, according to schonfelder. In the area of prevention, there is close cooperation with social worker yvonne amtmann from the grafenberg middle school. Christian schonfelder would also like to see more volunteers.

There is a lack of volunteers

There is a lack of young people who know the procedures in the youth center and support him. The youth worker from grafenberg is not alone in this wish. Other youth workers in the district also lack this support from experienced volunteers.

Since 2015, there has been an integration group consisting of young people with a migration background or children of asylum seekers. They regularly do things together. "You know german well by now", said schonfelder. Prejudices have also been broken down by playing together.

Since january, the youth worker has been in charge of a music project at the school due to the absence of a music teacher. Christian schonfelder enjoys playing music, but it is not a substitute for lessons. Material is available. Thanks to the donations from the "open-mind-festival in grafenberg, schonfelder was able to purchase a music studio. This is to be permanently installed from the new school year and thus compensate for a missing school band. The project is already running with four young people. Writing texts is one of the tasks.

The most exciting part of the youth work for christian schonfelder was the youth election.

Awareness of the parties

"That was more exciting than the election itself", said schonfelder. In order to be able to carry out the european elections with the young people,8 appropriate materials have already been requested. "Surprisingly, the elections have been well received", schonfelder thinks. The young people are familiarizing themselves with the programs of the parties", explained schonfelder. And they rehearsed everything, put themselves in the role of a polling station worker. "Education for democracy is also a part of youth work", thinks schonfelder.

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