After deadly chase: suspect died

After deadly chase: suspect died

After the death of an uninvolved young woman in a car chase in berlin, one of the men in the getaway car has also died. The 18-year-old passenger succumbed to his injuries in hospital, according to the berlin public prosecutor’s office.

He allegedly stole tools – worth 300 euros, according to media reports – from a car with two other men on wednesday night before the devastating getaway.

Attempting to escape the police officers at high speed, the suspects crashed their car into several cars at an intersection. In the collision, the 22-year-old fubganger was hit and fatally injured. Two other female drivers were injured, as were the three alleged perpetrators. To avoid a blockade, the driver had initially also trapped and injured a police officer with his car. The latter, however, was able to leave the hospital a few hours after the incident.

At the scene of the accident, flowers, candles and a cardboard cutout of a woman now commemorate the 22-year-old. "We mourn you. And regret your senseless death," was written on a note that someone had attached to an electrical box. "Stop motorized violence," another sign read. On thursday evening there was a vigil at the crossing.

In the meantime, one of the suspects, a 14-year-old, was able to leave the hospital again, as a spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office said on request. The teenager was slightly injured and is now at large – he is suspected of involvement in the theft. He and the 18-year-old who has now died were already known to the police for previous offences.

On thursday evening, a warrant was issued against the 27-year-old main suspect and driver of the getaway car, among other things, on urgent suspicion of a prohibited car race resulting in death, as well as dangerous bodily injury. He was drunk while driving. The arrest warrant was announced to the man, who has the serbian citizenship, in the hospital. He continues to be guarded in the clinic by the police.

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