Steigerwaldbahn: a chance for the region

Steigerwaldbahn: a chance for the region

The steigerwald railroad between kitzingen and schweinfurt has been dormant for many years. Grass grows on the rails and since the withdrawal of the american troops (2006) there are no more trains on the tracks. Nothing happened with the tracks for so long that the affected communities of groblangheim, kleinlangheim, wiesentheid and prichsenstadt filed an application to have them taken out of service.

But perhaps trains will soon be running again on the steigerwaldbahn. District administrator tamara bischof is in favor of reactivation, and there are also votes in favor of it in the district of schweinfurt. An expert opinion on the economic viability and implementation is planned.

Opportunities for tourism and local traffic

There are also quite a few supporters of the steigerwaldbahn among the population. This is shown by a non-representative survey, in which a majority was in favor of reactivation. Also comments on the homepage prove that the railroad is seen as a chance for the region. "By train past traffic jams, construction sites and diesel bans", writes one user, for example.

Another user sees opportunities for local public transport and tourism in the region: "there is great potential for development here, both in public transport and in tourism, which is an important factor for prichsenstadt, wiesentheid and kleinlangheim." another reader, in turn, points out that "one to two good trains on the route every day are significantly less harmful to larvae than truck traffic bumper to bumper".

It is still unclear what will happen to the steigerwaldbahn. The kitzingen district council will deal with the railroad in committees and in plenary sessions in the coming weeks.

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