The colorful world of forgetfulness

The colorful world of forgetfulness

It is the reception center for the remnants of forgetfulness: the kitzingen lost and found office. This is again richly stocked. The reason: "the fewest things are picked up," says andrea klinger, who has been hoarding the collection of lost things for a good six years now. A few hundred found objects, from small earrings to bathing suits to mopeds, are waiting in official custody for their owners or to be auctioned off.

The world must be rich, or it must be a world without borders: that’s the impression you get when you look at the list of things that were left behind in the lost property office last year: among other things, almost 50 bicycles, a moped, four necklaces, 13 pairs of glasses and about 600 to 800 items from the aqua sole swimming pool. And then there is the unknown who gave away his bridge.

Among the rude rats of humanity are also contemporaries who lose entire key bundles and do not put a fub in the lost property office. 75 keys, individually – among them a brand-new porsche key – and in a larger group, are in a box at andrea klinger’s home. Neighbor is a coarse bookcase full of books, even those with intellectual depth, like "the art of clear thinking", which probably made the owner fall in love for a moment.

Aqua sole is the best customer of andrea klinger and her colleagues. The many pieces from there go like the rest into the lost and found book. With the name of the discoverer. What can be worthwhile for the. Because there is the finder’s fee. For high-value pieces up to 500 euros, there are five percent of the value in it, from 500 euros three percent – payable by the owner.

But because the latter rarely appear in the lost property office, the collection of forgetfulness comes under the hammer once a year. Next auction date: 12. April at the kitzingen fire station, 9 a.M. According to klinger, whatever is not sold will be donated to poor people in the eastern european country via rumaniahilfe.

Some forgetful people also benefit from the fact that real research is done in the fundburo. For example, in the case of an expensive breitling watch (price: a good 3,000 euros), where the lady from the lost property office first tracked down the seller and then used him to find the owner. Several telephone calls were also necessary to find the owner of an EC card via the bank: "you have to try to do justice to your customers somehow," klinger emphasizes.

It doesn’t always have to do with lost causes. Sometimes the lost and found office can be a bit animalistic. Like not so long ago, when an attentive contemporary picked up a hedgehog wandering around on a traffic island and handed it in to the authorities. The "owner" promptly got it back – mother nature in a forest stump near castell.

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